Vehicle-No.: 206022

MAN 18.510 TGX tractor for semi-trailer Lowliner

MAN 18.510 TGX tractor for semi-trailer Lowliner

€ 86.500,00 + VAT

AVG Trucks GmbH
Gwinnerstraße 36
D-60388 Frankfurt/M

Telefone: +49 69-942138-0
Fax: +49 69-942138-38

Contract structure

First registration

179.800 km

Emission level

Engine power
375/510 kW/PS

Total weight
18.000 kg

Kerb weight
8.059 kg

9.941 kg

3.600 mm

Height of edge of trailer tray
970 mm

Air suspension

Operator's cab


  • 002 MAN BrakeMatic (electronic brake system)
  • 1E0 MAN media package navigation
  • 1E4 Connectivity Board Module (Rio Box)
  • 1E5 Control module for external data exchange (KSM) + fleet managemen
  • 1E6 MAN Tronic (on-board computer)
  • 1L3 Light and View Plus safety package
  • 1M4 MAN TipMatic Profi gearbox software (road use)
  • 1M5 MAN EasyStart at TipMatic
  • 2E0 Emergency Brake Assist 2 (EBA2)
  • 2F1 Security package plus
  • 2F2 Comfort package 1 driver
  • 2F3 Automatic wiping with rain sensor
  • 2F4 ECO levels basic setting for MAN EfficientCruise
  • 2F5 MAN Efficient Cruise 2
  • A00 Front axle with air suspension
  • A71 Differential lock rear axle
  • A96 Acceleration skid control (ASR)
  • AD8 Rear axle, air-spring
  • B02 Brakes, anti-lock system
  • B98 Retarder
  • BA4 Emergency Stopping Signal (ESS)
  • BA7
  • BB5 Disk-brakes
  • C1R Wheelbase 3.700 mm
  • C54 ComfortSteering
  • C99 Multifunction steering wheel
  • D24 Lifting and sliding roof, eletrically
  • E30 Battery master switch, 1-pole
  • ET0 Lane departure warning system including lane return assistant
  • F16 Cab XLX
  • F46 Headlamp wiper/washer
  • F62 Heated rearview mirror
  • F84 Cooling box in driverhouse
  • FD1 Draft deflector
  • FE5 Electric window regulator, driver's and codriver's door
  • FL2 Driver's cab with air suspension
  • FX6 Mirror electrically adjustable, driver and passenger side
  • FZ1 Central locking with remote control
  • FZ7 Immobilizer
  • G40 Automatic transmission
  • GV4 Transmission MAN TipMatic 14 30 OD with retarder 35
  • H07 Automatic air condition
  • H09 Parking cooler
  • H11 Additional cab heater
  • H16 Driver's seat heating
  • IX5 Engine 6-cylinder
  • J76 Air horn on cabin roof
  • K1W 480 liter tank
  • K6U 480 liter tank
  • L1C LED-daytime running lights
  • L1P LED taillights
  • L1X High beam and fog lights with additional cornering lights
  • L28 Working floodlight, behind cab
  • M10 RQV governor less intermediate speed detent
  • M5Z Euro 6 engine version
  • MD9 Cruise control
  • MI8 Transmission functionality: Efficient Roll
  • Q23 Fifth wheel coupling Jost JSK 42MK162-Z9J overall height 162 mm
  • S15 Driver's seat, air-cushioned
  • S59 1 bunk bed with storage space below and multifunctional shelf abo
  • S6Y Adaptive cruise control (ACC) with stop and go function
  • X59 Central locking
  • Z99 Vehicle without sparewheel

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